North America Road Show, 3-11 June 2020

Visitor Information and Registration:

Contact: Laurel Keenan

Exhibitor Information:

Show Coordinator: Laurel Keenan
Phone: +1 416.951.5702
Starts: 3 June 2020
Ends: 11 June 2020
Country: Canada

After two years of holding a Road Show in North America that consisted of a mix of producers paying to take part, we decided to alter the format for 2020. This year, we are working with three associations – MCC, Chenin, and the Stellenbosch Cab Collective – to create and deliver a very focused day of education of trade and media. These are areas of growth/interest in the North American market.


As such, we will work with the association to identify one producer who will lead a structured tasting on the subject which will include several different producers’ wines. The presentation should be the same for both the US and Canada, although the selection of wines may change. The selection of wines may also vary by city, depending on overall level of interest and the availability of individual wines in each market.

Each association needs to determine how the presenters’ trip will be funded and whether or not there is a charge (other than wine) for having a wine featured in the session.

When submitting a wine for the seminar, we will require 4 bottles of each selection per city. The same will apply for a wine being featured in the walk-around/self-pour section of the event. In most cases, as it’s not a large quantity per producer, these wines should be shipped to your in-market importer as trade samples.  We will then consolidate all of the bottles at a central point in each city.


CANADA:             Toronto – June 3, Montreal – June 4

USA:                      Philadelphia – June 8 (train from Philly evening of the 8th or early morning of 9th)

NYC – June 9

Boston – arrive eve of June 10 for activity June 11

Tour wraps up June 11




10:30am – MCC structured tasting session

11:30-12 – walk around

12-1 – Chenin blanc structured tasting session

1-1:30pm – walk around

1:30-2:30pm – Stellenbosch Cab Collective structured tasting session


The idea is to have seated rsvp’s for each session but to allow for more people to cross over during the walkabouts in between. For the sessions themselves, we feel there should be 8-10 wines that are all available in market. The Walk Around session can be more open, with up to 12 additional wines per association. Those don’t have to be in market but it will be up to the associations to choose and to bring the wines in through their importers. The session can be structured to include old vintages but again it will be up to the associations via their importers to bring the wines in. We can help with logistics but we aren’t able to clear the wines as we don’t have importers licenses in either Canada or the US.

Any and all questions regarding the Focused Tasting Series should be directed to Laurel Keenan and Jim Clarke and not to head office in Stellenbosch.