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February 2020
Say the word ‘fraternity’ and a common association (based on typical American movie depictions) would be of a college student organisation: delta gamma kappa what-what... And they would be predominantly negative associations from publicity given to these American student bodies – male and female – about initiation rituals, hazing, exclusion, privilege and a whole lot more.
Can YOU buy canned wine?,
February 2020
uncanny /ʌnˈkani/ adjective strange or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way.
The Constantia Wine Route plays host to sumptuous views, food, wine and travel experiences even when a British reality show is not being filmed along its mountain slopes.
It’s one of those blazing Stellenbosch days. The heat hangs like a curtain, switching in and out amongst the historic oaks, their centuries of growth offering relief in the form of dappled shade. The City of Oaks, or Eikestad as it’s known is one of South Africa’s oldest towns, Cape Dutch architecture reigns supreme, old vines are rooted deep, and the two most important winemaker breeding grounds are here, Elsenburg and Stellenbosch University.
January 2020
The temperature dial is turned up, grapes are ripening, cellars are already a tangle of pipes, whirring crushers and clunking presses; winemakers are getting used to late nights and early mornings, periods of hectic activity and sleepy boredom. Everyone has their own way of dealing with harvest time, music is often the answer.
From the 13th to 15th of January Wines of South Africa participated with a stand at the biggest wine trade show in The Netherlands, Wine Professional, in Amsterdam.
Meza (17) has just completed Grade 11. She and her younger sister and brother have been a part of the Zolani Youth Choir for almost 2 years now. “My family really loves music,” says this lithe young woman with swinging braids and an infectious smile.