Cap Classique – Uniquely South African and ready to be the better alternative

Discover the beautiful diversity of South Africa’s own bottle fermented sparkling wine. From the beautiful winelands of the Cape, we know patience. We take our time to craft Cap Classique, the way it has been done for centuries.  We are rewarded with a magnificent sparkling wine that’s a timeless classic and perfected by time. Today Cap Classique is South Africa’s fastest growing wine category. Pieter Ferreira will explain how this category is doing and taste some of its gems to express the diversity and quality of Cap Classique and why it is the better alternative in the world of sparkling wine. A tireless quest for ‘the perfect bubble’. 

Pieter Ferreira affectionately known as ‘Mr Bubbles’ in the wine industry, has a longstanding career as a specialist Cap Classique winemaker. Currently Cellarmaster at Graham Beck and has been part of the team from the very first vintage and has been instrumental in cementing Graham Beck as one of the world’s leading producers of premium Cap Classique style sparkling wines. He is current chairman of the Cap Classique Producers’ Association who is driving this collective to put Cap Classique on the international stage. 

Place:             ProWein Forum, Hall 10
Date:              Monday, 16 March 2020
Time:              12:00 - 13:00
Speaker:       Pieter Ferreira