This is simply gorgeous, such depth of fruit and flavour - but it is the texture that kills me. One of my fave… - Sun Jul 03 19:27:38 +0000 2022  @darylbalfour @KWV_TheMentors @Winemag @SauvignonSA @Izelevb @WOSA_ZA @WOSA_UK @Roodeberg_Wine This was a kind gift… - Sun Jul 03 17:20:14 +0000 2022  @mphosugar @gregsherwoodmw @KWV_TheMentors @Winemag @SauvignonSA @Izelevb @WOSA_ZA @WOSA_UK @Roodeberg_Wine 100% 😁👌 - Sun Jul 03 16:55:12 +0000 2022  @darylbalfour @gregsherwoodmw @KWV_TheMentors @Winemag @SauvignonSA @Izelevb @WOSA_ZA @WOSA_UK @Roodeberg_Wine We benefit 🍷 - Sun Jul 03 16:52:29 +0000 2022  @gregsherwoodmw @KWV_TheMentors @Winemag @SauvignonSA @Izelevb @WOSA_ZA @WOSA_UK @Roodeberg_Wine Got a case of this… - Sun Jul 03 16:47:38 +0000 2022  What I have been drinking: @wosa_za South African wines from 'new wave' producers all available from… - Sun Jul 03 09:23:07 +0000 2022  Great opportunities, exceptional products now lets get our product to market! We need ships picking up goods in The… - Thu Jun 30 15:38:50 +0000 2022  More than a century of wine family history of ⁦@Backsberg⁩ wines relaunched in Franschhoek In collaboration wi… - Wed Jun 29 15:37:37 +0000 2022  @vidaecaffe @KirstenboschNBG @CapeTownRedBus @CTBig6 @WestCoastWaySA @FusionDesignSA @HelloMagSA @moyoSA… - Wed Jun 29 09:57:19 +0000 2022  @livingitupct @KirstenboschNBG @CapeTownRedBus @CTBig6 @WestCoastWaySA @FusionDesignSA @HelloMagSA @moyoSA @TheCPTtwins @WOSA_ZA 🤩🤩🤩 - Wed Jun 29 07:01:25 +0000 2022  @KirstenboschNBG @CapeTownRedBus @CTBig6 @WestCoastWaySA @FusionDesignSA @HelloMagSA @moyoSA @vidaecaffe… - Tue Jun 28 19:01:40 +0000 2022  SA Wine Trailblazer: Martin Smith of @Paserene_Wine. Smith has just released the Dark 2018 Syrah. I took the opport… - Mon Jun 27 12:26:14 +0000 2022  Highlights from the Nairobi Edition of @WOSA_ZA 2022 East Africa Tour, Nairobi Edition at @MovenpickNRB - Mon Jun 27 04:50:25 +0000 2022  @gregsherwoodmw @ReynekeWines @ZAVineHugger @HandfordWines @oldvineproject @StellWineRoute @WOSA_UK @WOSA_ZA… - Sat Jun 25 13:39:10 +0000 2022  It’s 5.30, time to unleash the terrific trio from @Peroldwine and Time to Wine Down discussing all things @WOSA_UK… - Fri Jun 24 16:44:04 +0000 2022  

Welcome to Wines of South Africa
Sommelier Cup 2019

From January 2019, Wines of South Africa (WoSA) will be running the fourth WoSA Sommelier Cup competition. A select number of countries will be competing for the ultimate honour. This is destined to be the experience of a lifetime.

The competition consists of two parts: the SEMI-FINALS, which will take place in each of the participating countries and end in August 2019;
and the FINAL, which will take place from 19–26 September 2019.

After the competition, the finalist from each country will be hosted in South Africa for a tour of the winelands. They will visit some of the Cape’s most prestigious wineries, meet and taste wines with our award-winning winemakers, dine in some of South Africa’s iconic restaurants and explore the wonderfully diverse cuisine on offer – all against the backdrop of some of the world’s most breathtakingly beautiful winelands.