Welcome to Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup

From March 2016, Wines of South Africa (WOSA) will be running the third WOSA Sommelier Cup competition. A select number of countries will be competing for the ultimate honour. This is destined to be the experience of a lifetime. The competition consists of two parts: the SEMI-FINALS, which will transpire in each of the participating countries and end in August 2016; and the FINAL, which will take place from 18 – 23 September 2016.

The finalist from each country will be hosted in South Africa for a week-long tour of the winelands. They will visit some of the Cape's most prestigious wineries, meet and taste wines with our award-winning winemakers, dine in some of South Africa's iconic restaurants and explore the wonderfully diverse cuisine on offer – all against the backdrop of some of the world's most breathtakingly beautiful winelands. So don't delay in entering this competition, as entries per country are limited.


Theodoros Anastasiadis [Germany]

I believe that every wine taste better at its homeland and South Africa is a country of hidden wine treasures and unparalleled natural beauty, I'm delighted and motivated to stand on the South African winelands.


I have a great interest in wine knowledge, and also admire the wine culture

Michael Kovalev [Canada]

I have achieved 3 different Sommelier Certification in 2015 (WSET 3, Court of Master Sommeliers, CAPS) I am passionate about wine and the industry. Therefore I have great interest in competition. I would like to see where i stand in terms of my knowledge/skills.

van Gemert Richelle [The Netherlands]

By participating I will learn more about SA-wines(and food) and I hope to be better in advising SA-wines to guests. I don't think there's a better way to learn than participating this contest and trying to win :) (and to might have a chance to visit the vineyards and to see it all with my own eyes)

Lesley Provost [Canada]

I'm always glad to have a reason to revisit and focus on the dynamic wines of South Africa. Bring on the Chenin!

Plante Guillaume [Canada]

For the love of wine and contests, of course! South Africa is home to great wines, and I'd just love to get a chance to visit the vineyards that gave them birth.

Barbara Wong [USA]

To increase my growing passion of South African wines. It is the most exciting region in wine right now. I am constantly amazed of the quality. Thought-provoking and delicious!

Madoka Ogiya [Asia]

As a judge of Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Award, I am very fascinated with the quality of South African wines, especially Spier Wine’s Sauvignon Blanc, perfectly suitable to be paired with Sushi and Tempura. As a sommelier, I would like to find out such wines more in South Africa where has a jewel of wines in the stunning landscapes.

Schroeder Karsten [Germany]

I once did - and found it a perfectly organised, inspiring event which made me think and learn much more about South African Wine than I did beforehand.

Troy Denkler [USA]

South Africa's wines are elusive in Northern Nevada. My customers have always been amazed with their quality and price. In retrospect, I'm shocked I haven't spent more time studying and drinking South African wine. This competition will push me to explore these wonderful wines so I can educate others about them.

Eduardo Bolaños [USA]

I am currently studying for my master sommelier exam and have studied over South Africa quite a bit. As much as reading about a place helps, seeing it in person would be more beneficial to my understanding of the wines and the regions overall.

Lotte Wolf [The Netherlands]

South-Africa is for me one of the most inspiring countries. With the oldest soils in the world and the biggest diversity. It has an amazing history and an even bigger future. This is where it happens. The wines are amazing for food-wine-pairing. They are cheeky, inspiring and bold! Wines with a story that i would love the learn more about!

Ricardo Rodrigues [UK]

I would like to participate because SA has an outstanding biodiversity, some of my favorite wines (beautiful Chardonnay and Chenin Blanc) and amazing people. I would love to explore this area meeting with the producers and taste more special and rare vintages. It is one of the places of the world that I really want to travel.

Nicola Jesus [UK]

I would love to explore more the magic south african wines , have the opportunity to enlarge my knowlage about this wines in order to be an ambassador for the South african wines in UK.

Stephanie Guth [Canada]

A question I'm often asked on the floor is “What is your favorite wine?” An almost impossible one to answer, I instead refer to having a special place in my heart for two grapes; Chenin Blanc and Syrah. I am always referencing examples from France and would love the opportunity to discover SA’s expressions of my favorite grapes.

Chris Blanken [USA]

Always interested in participating against other great Sommeliers from around the World. Learning more about South African wine along the way, and expanding my passion.

Poisson Mylene [Canada]

South Africa is a beautiful wine growing region offering a great variety of wines. There is huge progresses in the vineyards as well as in the winemaking techniques and the region is definitely shining through the world. I am looking forward to study all features of South Africa.

Chris Lafleur [Canada]

I'm interested in bettering my understanding of what South Africa has to offer in the world of wine. Also a trip to South Africa sounds delightful.

Emy Pearce [Canada]

I am looking forward to learning and exploring the exciting world of South African wines.

Lorie OSullivan [Canada]

To learn more about the wine of South Africa and to challenge myself!

Wendy Spicknell [Canada]

It is an exciting time for the wine industry of South Africa with new innovating techniques ,ideas, soil discoveries and the people who work hardest to bring out the best in South African Wines. I want to experience all of it!

Melissa Winkler [USA]

Melissa has received her advanced WSET certification and is looking forward to the advanced course in Dallas in March of 2016. Her clients are loyal and they recognize her consistent superior performance, unmatched work ethic and unsurpassed product knowledge that continually mark her as one of Western New York’s top sommeliers. Participating in the Sommelier Cup would be an honor.

Lindsay Drew [USA]

I am very interested to participate in the WOSA Sommelier Cup because of my love for South African wines. Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting two winemakers from South Africa. That meeting has left an everlasting impression. I would very much like to expand on that and learn much more.

Neil-Yaw Sintim-Aboagye [Africa]

I love to maximize my knowledge about wine.

Matthew Musila [Africa]

To broaden my skills as well as wine knowledge.

Klearhos Kanellakis [UK]

I would love to visit the terroir of South Africa, meet very famous producers and taste the amazing wines accompanied by the regional cuisine.

Ece Yavuz [Germany]

I would like to participate on this Competition, because i work with some Southafrican Wineries and Christian Krenn told me that the Competition is very good.

Marc Almert [Germany]

-Fascinated by the wine country South Africa -Several South African wines in our lists, they often feature in our pouring programme and/or wine correspondence -A unique opportunity to enhance my knowledge and really dwelve into the details of this great wine making country

David Sundgren [Sweden]

South African wines have put a dent in the market over the past years. It's become a force to be reckoned with. The wines are intriguing and a great way to learn about them is to compete with them. This is as much for myself as it is for my profession.

Dupont Danielle [Canada]

Participating at the WOSA Sommelier Cup represent a great opportunity to enlarge my knowledge around wines. I have studied that wine region before, and this contest create a new challenge I'm very excited about. As sommeliers, we are ambassadors of wines regions and South Africa is certainly a country I would be proud to promote more.

Eliott White [UK]

I would like to participate so I can learn more about the food and wine and cultural in South Africa in my opinion South Africa is a new word country that is showing a lot of potential and would be great to visit and have the chance to try wines you may not get to in the uk.

Venkat Sundaram [Asia]

I am very passionate, energetic person , very eager to teach and learn about wine and the wine industry. I encourage lots of colleague to learn about wine. Country like where i work need more awareness about wines, so i would like to participate to improvise the wine industry and sales more in Dubai.

Dominik Baranek [UK]

I take this as a great opportunity for motivation to learn more about South Africans wines. I am looking forward to meet some interesting people with same passion.

Tobias Süß [Germany]

There is always a reason to learn more about great wines and their culture! Also to help a bit more to introduce South African Wines to Germans Folks. Looking Forward to participate

Diana Hawkins [USA]

I have always had fondness for the wines of South Africa. I have worked with wines from Iona, Catherine Marshall, Belfield, Paul Cluver, Graham Beck, and BLANKbottle. I am very interested in visiting the region so I can deepen my knowledge and share what I learn with folks back in Chicago!

Min Jeong Kim [Asia]

I hope to know wine.

Emmanuel Ofosu [Africa]

understanding wines and its unique grape varieties has been one of my biggest passions and i will love to expand my knowledge to pursue a proper career as a sommelier to help promote wine culture in my country.

young june choi aidan choi [Asia]

To learn the wine and be a best sommelier.

Anitah Mbugua [Africa]

It is an opportunity of a life time and i am enjoying the wine industry, learning new things everyday. And this would be a great plat form to learn evrything there is.

Jayton Paul [Canada]

To be enthralled in the diverse cultural and geographical embrace of S.A. would push me to educate myself and others about this world class wine destination.

Paul Ozbirn [USA]

I truly believe S. Africa is one of the world's greatest wine-growing countries, boasting a myriad of soil types and old vines, as well as requisite organic viticulture. Unfortunately, most of our guests are oblivious -- this is an opportunity to help spread the word!

Shane Patton [USA]

I want to participate in the Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup because I love South African wine. I appreciate the value, quality and the unique expression of terrior that the western cape provides. I’ve always been intrigued by the history of wine growing in SA and the cultural difficulties faced. I would like an opportunity to learn more.

Daisuke Okawa [Asia]

I love wines and love to know about wines. Challenging occasion like contests is a good opportunity to enhance my skill and knowledge as a sommelier. Plus, South African wines are core interest of mine in latest variable wine trend. Try my best !

Légasse Sébastien [Canada]

It's the perfect opportunity to learn more about this region and to be able to promote thier products. It will force me to open my books... always good!

Noel Robert [Canada]

South Africa has accomplished wonderful progess over the last decades. Since I believe that we do not have the privilege to have access to the full range of great South African wines, I would love to see the beauty of the region and enjoy the amazing wines on location with the talented people who make those wine gems!

Pleij Arjen [The Netherlands]

I love to compete with others to gain more experience and knowledge. I have been to South Africa before, and I would love to meet the winemakers and viticulturists again. South African wine is my passion sice working at the castle.

Olsson Therese [Sweden]

I would like to participate because I want to learn more about soutafrica wines and it will be a good challenge to study hard when you have a competition in front of you

Arnold Adewa [Africa]

I would like to participate because i have a passion for wines and more so, to learn and gain more about wines.

Donita Dyer [Canada]

As a wine blogger and wine student, I love sharing about wine and exploring regions. South Africa has much to offer for delicious wines and it's often overlooked. So here's an opportunity to bring some attention to it!

Albert Danso [Africa]

I have interest in wineries and also have experience in wine service With this competition I wil be able to explore my knowledge and experience in wine service.

Lawrence Jason [Germany]

Ifalling in Love in South African Wines through my Mentor and Head Sommelier. I Love South african Wines, Food and the People so much. We have a lot of different South Africn wines of our Winelist.

Jeongwoon Park [Asia]

When I tasted the VINS D'ORRANCE Chardonnay, I was shocked by good quality and completeness, so I'd like to make an opportunity from the compitation to know South African wine.

Sebastian Schwarz [Canada]

I moved to the Okanagan to have an impact on the growth of this industry and have positioned myself well to do so. Working with an important organization in the wine industry would give me the exposure that could increase my influence therefore furthering my goals. I’m taking my WSET Level 4, and I love of South African Wine.

Christy Frank [USA]

Exciting things happening in South Africa. I've been a supporter for years and after my first trip, only want to go deeper and learn more.

Steven Robinson [Canada]

Always looking to expand my knowledge and competing is one of the best ways to do it.

Amie Hendrickson [USA]

South Africa is one of the most challenging places that I study. Whether it's pronunciations or just the wide range of wines and producers, I want to gain a better understanding, "go deeper" into my studies of the country, and develop better ways to connect consumers to these wines.

Job Seuren [The Netherlands]

I would like to expand and extend my knowledge of South African wines and show my love for them.

Mark Guillaudeu [USA]

I relish any opportunity to improve myself and expand my knowledge - and I'm a longtime lover of Pinotage!

Scott Zebarth [Canada]

I simply love the wines. For me, they are amongst the best in the world.

Olivier Gasselin [UK]

I have always been passionate about the wines of South Africa, country which I have been lucky to visit twice, developing friendships with some of the top producers there.

Sofia Castensson [Sweden]

I participate to sharpen my knowledge on South African wine and culture, as well as my skills in competing as a sommelier - and of course, for fun!

Stefan Kobald [UK]

I would like to participate in the competition to further my knowledge of SA having worked in SA for a long time before moving to London I would like to help promote SA wine in London more, and train my staff better to help them upsell the wines

Jonah Palmer [Canada]

Motivation to study, excited about the possibility of visiting!

Debra Paul [USA]

I am excited to learn more about the wines from S. Africa through this competition. I enjoy bringing new wines to my community which enhance the overall dining experience here at The Pearl. The wines from S. Africa I have tried are exceptionally unique and pair wonderfully with food. The culture and history are equally as fascinating.

Julie Garton [Canada]

This presents a great opportunity to deepen my understanding of the wine regions of South Africa, and explore the new trends taking place with wine and wine making with in the region.

Juyong Kim [Asia]

I am very interested in having a successful career. In order to do that, of course, I have to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly. It makes me to continuously experience the excitement of learning something new.

Leo Au [Asia]

I enjoyed very much when participating a Sommelier competition, not only because of the award, but to be able to meet new friends and to share experiences with all professionals

Francesco Gabriele [UK]

to keep challenging myself, improve knowledge and skills


I love Wine Culture and would be very much be interested to visit and explore the vineyard and the process involved in the fermentation of grape varieties.


I would like to learn more about South African's wine.

Hoppenstedt Hagen [Germany]

South African wines are my Passion since decades , lots of friends in the South African wine Business - actually a contest is always a thrilling Task to learn more .. we never get it all :-)

Wendy Shoemaker [USA]

I visited South Africa over 5 year ago and fell in love with the Country, it is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful wine regions in the world. These wines deserve a place on the World’s wine lists and I would love the opportunity to challenge myself to learn more and in turn educate others about them.

Herrera Robert [Canada]

I am in the business of pleasing patrons with a good glass of wine, and I must admit that the wines of South Africa help me daily doing it. After giving many classes on the subject of South African wines, I am ready to tackle on the subject in a different manner. Cheers|!

Patricio Carine [Germany]

I have South african wines on my winelist since i was there for the first time in 2002. I felt in love with the wines, the country and the People there

Piotr Pietras [UK]

I find your wine industry very dynamic - with more and more producers introducing ambitious and exciting projects. This competition would defitnietly let me explore SA and its wines further.

Cristina Milostan [USA]

I would love to educate myself and others about South African wines. I live in a small city that loves wine but doesn't know much these valued red and white wines.

Luuk Egelmeer [The Netherlands]

The translation of why he wants to take part is: South Africa is a very interesting country - diverse in soils and climates and I am keen to take part in the competition to learn more.

Yoel Abarbanel [UK]

Because now South Africa is by far the most interesting new world country and a competition between professionals is always a great way to share experiences and point of views.

Götz Matthias [Germany]

I want to check my knowledge about wines from South Africa.

Linda Milagros Violago [Canada]

I have worked in many countries as a sommelier and bring that international exposure to service. I admittedly have limited experience with South African wines, but what I have tasted has been a wonderful revelation - sweet, dry, red, and anything in between. This is also a chance to connect with the international wine community.

Diego Muntoni [UK]

I work with large wine list, and I always make sure that the south African range is well represented, We carently list 35 wines that are all exciting for different reasons, and they all have a story to tell. Over the years I meat many south african wine makers and you could always see the passion for theyr wines but most of all for theyr land, that's why I want to partecipate I want to learn more about the wines the land and the people behind south Africa wines.

James Watkins [USA]

South Africa is a burgeoning region for winegrowing that I would love to physically get to know. Part of being a great sommelier is exploring the world of wines, digging your hands into the dirt of a region, and gaining true understanding of a sense of place.

HyoJung YOON [Asia]

I would like to build up the precious experience.

Hisatomi Sakuda [Asia]

As one of wine trader, I want more knowledge about South Africa Wines. My shop has Wines of Ayama, Graham-beck. They have low price and high quality. My city, Shima is G7 Summit Japan 2016's place. It seems that many tourlists will come Shima city. More my knowledge, more happy my customers.

Sebastien Hotte [Canada]

I would like to participate in The Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup to better my knowledge of this country, its multiple regions and the wines it produces.

Aki Wong [Asia]

The WOSA sommelier cup definitely provides the doorway to world class standards of wine service.

Roberto Duran Herrera [UK]

I've always been intrigued about South African wines. Never had a great opportunity to study the country in depth until now. Looking forward to challenge myself to study and learn all about South African wines and culture.

Geoffrey Kariuki [Africa]

So I may gain more knowledge in professional wine tasting,regions,different wine styles and a like.

Julian Schweighart [Germany]

To give Max best and to Explore THW africans vines

Martijn Zeggelaar [The Netherlands]

After working in SA and spending several times there, it is an absolute pleasure to learn more of the perhaps most interesting wine countries of the world!

Darlene Emberley [Canada]

I represent Fairview, Boekenhoutskloof and Reyeneke wines in Ontario. I wish to showcase the wines from one of the most beautiful wine growing regions in the world. Bringing South African wines to the forefront of consumer buying habits benefits both countries.

Arris Boogaard [The Netherlands]

In this job it's all about "infecting" our guests with our passion: wine! This gets a lot easier with the knowledge and experience gained at contests like this one; especially combined with a possible field trip!

Jeremy Reed Mr. [USA]

I think South African wines are not held up to the spotlight enough in my region, and I would like to showcase the diversity and refinement that South African wines have achieved. It would also give me an opportunity to educate the other sommeliers in my small city, therefore bringing awareness to the consumer, and selling more wine!!

Corey Zamora Mr. [USA]

This is such a great tool to push me to learn more about South African wines, and will equip me with much more knowledge when selling South African wines at a dining room table. Thank you for the opportunity!

Saskia Schurink [The Netherlands]

Both my work and hobby is wine, i love to learn more about South African wine and i think it will be a great experience to participate in this cup.

Wilm Maximilian [Germany]

South Africa is for me one of the most interesting wine countries. The wines are very interesting in pairing with different kind of food. I want to learn more about this great country.

Min Wook BAK [Asia]

I want to share excellence of South Africa wine to more people. So, I have to take the challenge.

Christoffer Spångberg [Sweden]

I would like to expand my knowledge of South Africa.

Olivier Jacques [UK]

I would like to participate in the competition to know better about the southafrican wines and improve myself I it !

xiaobin WU [Asia]

its a good chance for me to understand South Africa wines and wineries.

Hai Tran [USA]

After attending the Beautiful South tasting in 2014, I've been captivated by the wines of South Africa and the ever improving quality that is coming out of the country. I would love to continue this education further and share what makes the wines from this country so captivating.

Christina Fuhrman [USA]

I would like to participate because I believe the wines of South Africa are over looked and under estimated. I hope the campaigns like this can bring awareness to a serious wine making region.

Jesse Smith [USA]

I would love to meet other wine industry members and learn more about what the South African wine industry has to offer with respect to all aspects of culture, law, and varietals.

Matthew P. Dulle Dulle [USA]

I believe that South Africa is producing some of the world's most exciting wines over the past decade, and I am looking for the opportunity to become better acquainted with the sources of these thoughtful, vibrant, place-driven wines so that I can "spread the good word" to my local and national communities.

Delphin Duan [Asia]

Expand wine knowledge ; Self-challenge and exam on South African Wine;

jay whiteley [Canada]

South Africa has a long history of viticulture, but is relatively unknown in Ontario. It is not just a bottle of wine that should be shared, it’s the people and their stories, and the place it comes from that also need to be shared. No matter the outcome I’m looking forward to learning more about this rich and diverse country.

Jeremy Eubanks [USA]

South Africa is one of the most magical places on earth. The wines are frequently overlooked, but can bring great quality and value.

Emmanuel Amoah [Africa]

It is a great opportunity to learn about South African Wines which cannot be missed and most importantly a personal ambition to become a sommelier within the next five years. An emergence of creativity in the Hospitality industry in Ghana has motivated me to seek more knowledge especially in the Wine Industry.

Sean Fry [USA]

It would be an honor to represent the USA! I would love to learn more about and visit South Africa!

Miguel Ostrowski [USA]

I am interested in the wines of South Africa for many reasons, but the history over there being so long makes it irresistible. The diversity in wine is exciting and the culture is very interesting. The possibility to learn even more about these and share the knowledge with customers is much needed.

Hyunrae Lim [Asia]

I would like to participate this competition, because, this sommelier cup will improve my skill and career while I study about South Africa wines, furthermore South Africa wines are always interest to me.

Ekaterina Gopienko [Canada]

It is a unique opportunity to get a kick of unforgettable excitement to feel myself as a part of wine enthusiasts from all over the globe. It is a great opportunity to meet people who really knows and cares and exchange ideas and visions. It is a reason to go further and know more.

Lesley Saito [Canada]

I have been a proud supporter of South African wines for the last 5 years at Legacy and believe by learning more about the wines and regions through the challenge of study and competition can only help me better promote these wines of quality for value.

Jenica Flippo [USA]

South Africa's a region of intrigue and mystery to most. If given the opportunity to visit what I've heard to be one of most beautiful wine regions in the World, I'd challenge myself to dive deeper into the world of SA wines and in turn teach my staff and guests the true beauty that comes from SA.

Morgan Edward [USA]

South Africa is an amalgam for most, abiding a bit of mystery; this in concert with a sense of magic. This place is not just as a fancy hand sell but a fascination that can only be realized through personal experience. South Africa needs ambassadors to unlock its mystery eliminating the illusion of impermeability. Allow me to be your conduit.


The WOSA Sommelier Cup is for me a great challenge and opportunity to meet passionate people. By participating, I want to enhance my knowledge and maybe get the chance to see what is behind a SA bottle with my own eyes so I can then share the most faithfully, the winemakers craft and passion to our guests.


To discovery more about South Africa wine and know more people To enhance my wine service skill.

Martijn Roos [The Netherlands]

In this job it's all about "infecting" our guests with our passion: wine! This gets a lot easier with the knowledge and experience gained at contests like this one; especially combined with a possible field trip!

Michael Duffy Mr [USA]

I have a deep passion for wine and strive to prove myself in every way possible since I am somewhat new to the industry. I have not had extensive experience in south african wine although I did participate in the somm slam 2015 in Brooklyn in which wines of sout africa was a sponsor.

Kathleen Thomas Ms [USA]

So much still to be challenged by, to learn, and to and experience of the South African wine culture and community. I am willing and ready to indulge and would like the additional resources and power-knowledge to facilitate the introduction into the community of wine I'm a part of in Las Vegas, NV.

Caterina Aloe [UK]

Participating to the WOSA Sommelier Cup is a great chance to increase my knowledge about this beautiful country!

Ozinga Rob [The Netherlands]

I would like to participate this competition to measure my skills with my fellow professionals and use the experience to teach and share in the future

Enikő Heidenwolf [UK]

Ever since I first came across South African wines I was amased by its diversity and rich cultural and historical background and how little people know about it. This competition is a perfect opportunity to deepen my knowledge, meet people who share my passion and grant me new skills to represent the wines of this colourful country to our customers.

Marco Talarico [Germany]

I will be participate, because I want to learn some more about the southafrican wines. And I hope I get the chance to vist this beautiful country

Sangbin Yun [Asia]

I'm living in South Korea as a Sommelier(FWS). Also I became a member of La Commanderie des Costes du Rhône at last year. And I trtying to find finest World of the wines. I trust South African wines are finest one.

Brandon Ford Ford [USA]

I think S.A. is one of the most exciting wine producing countries right now and would the opportunity to learn more about a country making such unique and world class wine.

Hugo Miller [USA]

The wine world is ever expanding. South Africa has had a rough history with wine and has been making huge strides in changing that image. From stein to Pinot noir and great rich wine producers like Sadie Family, I look to educate and spread wealth of information.

Emma Ziemann [Sweden]

It is really a lifetime opportunity to get together with the best in our field, both to compete but also to learn. Of course, the competition is an exciting challenge itself! But the opportunity to experience South Africa first hand would be a great adventure that would not just improve me as a sommelier but enrich my life.

Jordan Egan [USA]

While wine has been made in South Africa since the mid-1600s, it is still a relative unknown on the wine scene. I'd like to be able to experience South Africa to see what the country has to offer and potentially be a torch bearer for the best they have to offer.

Richter Florian [Germany]

I want to participate in this competiton to challange my knowledge about wines of south africa with other grat collegues.

Philippe Danon Phil [Canada]

In the past year I have had the chance to pass my Level 1 and 2 Court of Master Sommelier diplomas, study under the likes of Elyse Lambert, Veronique Rivest, Alain Belanger, Jennifer Huether and Dlynn Proctor. Im young and passionate, but I havent had the chance to perform on a national level and would be honored to participate.

Marion Burger [The Netherlands]

I think I can learn a lot and gifts that tru to other people.

Jon Cross [USA]

I have always been drawn to South African wines, the long rich history and diverse tapography along with a renewed push toward quality make South Africa the new hot spot for wine. I would love the chance to test my knowledge against other lovers of South African wine.

Jacques Lacoste [Canada]

I really like the South African wine for their great quality and value, given the opportunity to walk these vineyard and to represent Canada will be something special.


In a word, South African wine is exciting! Variety, Value, Quality, and a growing industry that is catching on worldwide. This competition offers an opportunity to meet other wine professionals who are interested in learning about and promoting South African wines.

Jennifer Szychowski [USA]

I recently discovered that South Africa has so much more to offer in the wine world than Chenin Blanc and Pinotage. Between the history and heritage to the advances in wine technology, South Africa is a rising star worthy of recognition and praise!

Adrienne Bennett [USA]

I feel participating will allow me to research and learn more about South African wine than I might on my own. I'm anxious to learn more about the wines that I love so much!

Nabilah Rawji [Canada]

I had the pleasure of studying in South Africa years ago and this is a great opportunity for me to revisit the country through the lens of a Sommelier and really dig in and understand the wines

Nicolas Prieto [USA]

South African Wines have such a great story, main reason why it's a pleasure to sell them on the floor. An MS once told me "is not about getting to the top as fast as you can, but enjoying the journey there". This is part of journey...South Africa is part of my Journey!

Marco Westra [The Netherlands]

ben al jaren liefhebber van wijnen uit Zuid Afrika. Wil graag mezelf testen of ik in die jaren wat heb opgestoken van de wijnen uit zuid afrika

vincent omare [Africa]

Because i want to get exposure in wine viniculture and viticulture,starting from my continent where south Africa is among the countries that produces wine. Also in my country wine culture is very young , meaning most of the people no nothing about wine other than sweet.

Abbe Hendricks [USA]

There are some amazing expressions of classic grapes by producers both big and small, and I want to be able to share these with my customers, and continue to grow the exposure and availability of South African wine in Iowa.

chang ik lee [Asia]

Test it myself

Olivier Jacques [UK]

Hello, I would like to participate to the competition as I am a wine lover and I want to improve myself. I love my job and I want to be a part of this beautiful experience about the South African wines!

Jonathan Kleeman [UK]

I find South Africa is one of the most challenging and Intresting wine county's in the world due to its vive history and it's diverse terroirs.

Gareth Nordholm [Canada]

I'm in love with the wines of the world and want to have some fun competing in the industry!

Göran Stenberg [Sweden]

I like the South African wines, and I am very interested in South Africa as a country. Unfortunately, I have never visited South Africa.


Wine is my passion from the geneology ,cultivure, vilification and wine making

Grödahl Erik [Sweden]

I'm a big fan of South African Wines and this competition will give me the possibilty to learn more about the wines and the country and make me be a better ambassadeurfor South African Wines. 2013 I was number 2 in the Swedish competition and this year my goal is to win .

Pieter Vermeij [The Netherlands]

Being married to a South-African wife I have visited the country on several occasions. Through tastings at the wineries I have developed a liking for South-Africa's great variety of quality wines. I see the Sommelier cup as an opportunity to develop my knowledge further and am looking forward to study the materials provided.

Mike Ananiassen [UK]

It is a Great opportunity to develop and test my knowledge with South Africas wine and regions, in participation with my sommelier studies.

Joe Billesbach [USA]

I absolutely want to learn more about South African wines, and the lure of a trip always seems to motivate me to study.

Zahir Walji [USA]

I was born in Africa and have family in Capetown. I have always been fascinated by how well the French varietals have blossomed in SA.

Eric Blouin [Canada]

I would love to participate to get a chance to visit the region, and get to taste more wines from South Africa. I think that South Africa is a bit of a misunderstood wine region in my country; so participating in this contest would allow me to learn more and get better at communicating the South African wine story.

Francesca Martusciello [UK]

South Africa is my dream

Cheron Cowan [USA]

I would love to expand my knowledge of South African wines. I have recently had some South African wines that were truly expressive of and unique to their place of origin. It is my hope, one day, to visit some of these wineries.

Samuel Tochoh [Africa]

To increase my knowledge and skills in reference to Wine

Erik Simonics [UK]

I have always been interested in South African wines therefore this would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about it.

Marco Nardi [UK]

test my knowledge and skills

Dorian Guillon [UK]

In the restaurant where I work, we have very little exposition to the wines of South Africa. But after reading few articles and talking to my guest and people in the business, my interest has grown, therefore I would love to discover more about the country and its food and wine culture, it seems like an undiscovered treasure.

Kenneth Freeman [USA]

I would love to participate because I have fallen in love with South African wines over the past year. I've studied the region intently and the wines have truly grabbed my attention. I would love to have a personal experience that would allow me to bring that passion to others

Caroline Fridolfson [UK]

Always been fascinated regarding SA wines. Currently working with one of the best Sommeliers out of South Africa he inspires me to learn more about it and open my view regarding the wines of South Africa. I am motivated to learn more and push myself in environment.

Faye MacLachlan [Canada]

South Africa is a fascinating country, both within the scope of the wine industry, as well as geographically, culturally and historically. I would love an opportunity to learn about and experience South African wines in context, and be able to bring that knowledge back to share with others.

sydney paris [USA]

South Africa beckons me. In college, I got a coveted internship at Arthur Anderson in South Africa but with the political situation, a family decision was made not to go. While the decision was right for me, I have been conflicted ever since. It would be personally providential to visit this fabulous country. The time is right!

Daniel Kimani [Africa]

I would love to learn more about wines and in the proces sell it better to guests and make them appreciate wine more.

Marion Burger [The Netherlands]

I will learn a lot and will pass to other

David Denton [USA]

I have never been to S.A. and would love the chance to visit the vineyards as part of my wine studies.

Bleau Louis-Jacques [Canada]

Of all the wine country in the world, South Africa is probably the one I know the less. I see this contest as a way to step out of my comfort zone and it will force me to improve my knowledge on this fabulous country rich in history and terroir!

Miklos Katona [USA]

Very simple! I love the wines from South Africa, I'd like to learn more about them and I'd like to win so i can visit those amazing wine regions!

satoshi shibata [Asia]

I usually use southafrica wines in my restaurant.I think it has many high quality wines.I want to study more.

Napoleon Forson [Africa]

Because i love wines and i have the passion and drive to improve upon my wine knowledge and skills and also to see myself as the one of the best sommelier in the world

Davide Renna [UK]

To improve my knowledge of South African Wines and therefore be able to advise our guests in a better way.


I have been to SA on wine trip before and it was one of the best experiences in my professional carrier. I got quite extensive list of SA wines at work and would love the challenge myself at finals of SA Sommelier Cup.

Thanakorn Bottorff [Asia]

I am excited to make a journey to all South Africa's vineyards!!

David Bennerdt [Sweden]

I really love competitions and the challenges that comes with it. I like the diversity of SA wine culture, although I personally have as yet not had the privelege of going to SA, to see and live the wine country. Someday I'd like to go! Regards David Bennerdt Sommelier

Luuk Egelmeer [The Netherlands]

Graag doe ik mee met de wedstrijd. Zuid-Afrika is een wijn land wat enorm divers is zowel de bodems en klimaten.

Tobias Visser [The Netherlands]

In this job it's all about "infecting" our guests with our passion: wine! This gets a lot easier with the knowledge and experience gained at contests like this one; especially combined with a possible field trip!

Ryan Baldwin [USA]

I would like to challenge myself on both a National and International level on a subject matter that I feel passionate about. Generally, South Africa is a region that most Sommeliers glance over in preparation for an exam, I would like to see where my own strengths and weaknesses lie when discussing all things South Africa.

Kelvin Irungu Wanjira [Africa]

Since 2004, when I had my first real wine training, I never looked back. I have been to most events and it's only passion that has brought me thus far. Wine to me has become a livelihood and hobby combined. My career in marketing has taken a back seat as I put more emphasis to wine.

Felix Franke [Germany]

I would like to participate because I want to improve my knowledge about south african wines.

Rie Matsuki [Asia]

For upgrading my skills and I would like to more familiarize South African Wine with consumers in Japan.

Justin Everett [Canada]

I would like to spend more time becoming conversant in the different regions and styles of the Cape. I am especially excited to explore the new face of South African wine with varieties like Cinsault.

Margaux Burgess [Canada]

South Africa is producing a lot of high quality wine that not enough people are getting to discover! I want to share as many of them as I can with as many people as possible!

S.K. Nathan Kim [Asia]

I would like to meet many global sommeliers and i want to share wine knowledge and passion with them

Robert Miller [Canada]

South Africa and it's wines have always been outside my realm of expertise in the wine world. From pronunciation to wine laws to the general lack of availability and exposure to its best wines here in Ontario, I've never had the comfort level I enjoy with other wine producing countries and is truly like to change that relationship.


I would like to test my wine knowledge. I sell wine everyday - including South African wine and I love it. Being in the wine industry makes me appreciate other cultures and learn a lot while at it. I love everything that encompasses wine.

Zareh Mesrobyan [UK]

to test my knowledge and my skills and to win

Marco Leonelli [Canada]

The opportunity to participate in a competetion is an opportunity to learn something entirely unknown to me. This will encourage me to discover a whole new world of wine that i do not know a lot about. I believe South Africa has a lot to offer and i want to be a part of it.

Laliberté Maxim [Canada]

I'm a passionate sommelier who always look forward to learn more about my passion. I would love to compete and meet with the elite of my profession in this challenge.

Jesse Brantley Mrs. [USA]

The wines of South Africa capture a unique expression of varieties offering both classic and innovative winemaking styles. Introducing guests to South African wines often provides a new experience while working within their comfort zone. I would like to participate and share in this opportunity to gain perspective and further insight into such a fascinating region.

Marijn Smit [The Netherlands]

It's important to keep up-to-date in the world of wine. It's a great challenge as well!

Chu Hoon Chang [Asia]

I have exposed many South African wines when I worked at One&Only Reethi Rah few years ago due to the company's wine policy. It was exciting experience for me to learn about it, I hope this Sommelier Cup will be the extension of the excitement.

Nathan Morrell [Canada]

I would like to participate in the 2016 WOSA Sommelier Cup to learn as much as I can about the people, places, and wines that make South Africa a country with such an interesting history and bright future as a producer of world-class wines.

Peter Plaehn [USA]

South Africa boasts some of the most dynamic winemakers and unique climates of any wine region in the world. Sharing this diversity with guests is my absolute pleasure.

Christopher Struck [USA]

When I was a student in the Sommelier Studies program at Johnson & Wales University, I wrote my final paper (a mini dissertation) on the region of Stellenbosch. Ever since, I've continued studying South Africa and its wines, all the while hoping I'd have the opportunity to one day visit this storied, impressive wine region.

Bourgault-Fortin Georgie [Canada]

Because I'd like to drink Hanepoot like there is no tomorrow

Georgi Mihov [UK]

I am a big fan of wines of SA and I believe they have a grate potencial.

Cosmas Mwanjala EGHWA [Africa]

To experience wine and wine taking to be able to educate the world around me about the magic involved in viticulture, vinification and wine taking in a proper perception.

Gloria Kinya [Africa]

It's a great opportunity to sharpen my knowledge on wine( especially South African wine) .

Michienzi Franco [Canada]

I feel it's a great opportunity to learn more about SA wine and food. The limited wines in our market are delicious and a great value. It also is a wonderful chance to challenge myself.

Kaela Miller [USA]

Participating in this competition will give me the opportunity to test my knowledge of South African wine regions not only individually but against my peers. The potential prize of traveling to South Africa and experience the terroirs first hand will motivate my studying habits which in the end will make me a more rounded and better versed sommelier.

Guillaume Coret [The Netherlands]

Competitions and traveling are the best way to keep focust and learn about wine. When I went to South-0Africa for a winetrip I fell in love for the country and the wines

Durante Domenico [Germany]

I would like to participate, because i like South African Wine, and i would like to know more about the White and redwines. I think is very important for a Young Sommelier to learn every day and taste every day different wines.

Sam Melanson [Canada]

It is the perfect opportunity to learn more about one of the world's great underappreciated wine regions. I'm excited to learn more and always interested in the possibility of travel.

Vladimir Kojic [Asia]

Competitions are pushing me to next step, to study and taste more wines that i would do without it. South Africa is amazing country, it would be great to spend more time there visiting vineyards and meet wine people.

Allegra Angelo [USA]

I have been a fan of South African wines for 10 years.

Matthieu Ghezouli [UK]

To increase my knowledge of South African Wines , due to the great quality and typicity, i think is one country to consider in future. It's a great opportunity in view of my Diploma. I enjoy to challenge my self against the best professionals of the Kingdom. Is always rewarding to enter in competition.

Speckan Rachel [USA]

Throughout the course of the past four years, I have been gaining experience, knowledge and passion for South African wines. The tradition, but, also innovation is stunning. The wines are beautiful. Consumers are buying. I am beyond excited!

Julia Sewell [UK]

I love the camaraderie of competitions, and would also relish the opportunity to find out more about South African wines, as I am from Australia, where we still have less exposure to these wines.

Ruben Kwakman [The Netherlands]

I'd like to particapate to increase my knowledge about South-African wines and i am always in for competition!

Janni Berndt [Sweden]

I think that by me competing in this competition i will not only grow as a sommelier but I will also push my self to more knowledge. I am a competitive person and always work as hard as possible to learn from my previous misstakes in earlier competitions.

Alexandre CALVI [USA]

Participating to the WOSA Sommelier cup is great way to learn more about South Africa, a country loaded with history. The more we learn and practice about it the more we can promote it.

Stefan Nielsen [Canada]

If I think back to the bottle that made me really want to pursue wine as a career and become a sommelier... I'm almost certain it was a Chenin Blanc from Stellenbosch.

Daniel Davies [UK]

I would like to learn more about South African wines

Corey Ladouceur [Canada]

Having had the pleasure of studying wines from a perspective of working and serving the wines of South Africa in real time, I have developed a greater respect and passion for the quality and variety of labels and styles that are being produced. To get more involved at a core level would help elevate the experience.

Arlen Adam [USA]

I have always been amazed at the richness of history and tradition that South Africa brings to the table. Amazing wines without breaking the bank.


To be a participant in the WOSA Sommelier Cup you will need to currently work in the restaurant trade in one of the participating countries where a semi-final is being held. The organisers reserve the right to determine the eligibility of participation of any entrant. By entering the Sommelier Cup you agree to abide by the rules of the competition.

The Semi-finals

The SEMI-FINALS will be taking place in each participating country with contestants having to complete a series of written and verbal tests.


There will be unique individual programmes created for each of the participating countries for the semi-final rounds. These have been created to test your sommelier skills and knowledge on South African wines.

The semi-final rounds may include two or more of the following outlined challenges.

  • Written question paper
  • Blind tasting
  • On-stage challenge with an audience


Semi-final round
Date:   12 April 2016
Venue:   Crown Plaza Hotel, Nairobi
Entries open   9 March 2016
Entries close   4 April 2016


Semi-final round
Date:   9 May 2016
Time:   9:00 – 12:00
Venue:   Operaterassen, Stockholm
Entries open   1 March 2016
Entries close   30 April 2016


Semi-final round
Date:   9 May 2016
Venue:   Hotel de l’Europe, Amsterdam
Entries open   1 March 2016
Entries close   25 April 2016


Semi-final round
Date:   19 July 2016
City:   Montreal
Venue:   Toronto
Entries open   February 2016
Written exam (Online)   2nd May 2016
Essay deadline   27th May 2016

ASIA (open for entries from Asian countries)

Semi-final round
Date:   18th July 2016
Venue:   39/F L'Hotel Causeway Bay Harbour View, Hong Kong
Entries open   April 2016
Entries close   May 2016
Online Contest   April - May 2016


Semi-final round
Date:   18 July 2016
Venue:   Excelsior Hotel, Munich, Germany
Entries open   1 March 2016
Entries close   3 June 2016
Online Contest   13 June 2016
Find out more about the German semi-final


Semi-final round
Date:   13 August 2016
Venue:   TexSom, Four Seasons Resort & Club Las Colinas, Texas
Entries open   17 February 2016
Written exam   18 April 2016
Essay deadline   10 June 2016
Semi-Final   13 August 2016


Semi-final round
Date:   13th June 2016
Venue:   67 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5ES
Entries open   1 March 2016
Entries close   12 June 2016



Sommelier Cup Winner 2016 - 2016-09-23

Marc Almert of Germany is the winner of the 2016 Wines of South Africa (WOSA) International Sommelier Cup, with Joe Yang of Macau and Nathan Morrell of Canada tying for second place! >> read more

Sommelier Cup Finalists over-awed with Cape Winelands - 2016-09-21

“Diversity!” shouted each Sommelier Cup finalist in turn as they left Vergelegen and before they hopped on the bus for the next stop. >> read more


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Sommeliers around the world are prepping for WOSA Sommelier Cup Finals in the Cape - 2016-08-31

The eight competitors will spend a week in the Winelands immersing themselves in local wining and dining culture and meeting some of the shape-shifters in this country’s wine industry, before the... >> read more

Toronto Somm wins Canadian round of the Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup - 2016-08-11

Close to 50 of Canada’s top sommeliers threw their hats in the ring for the first round of the Wines of South Africa (WOSA) Sommelier Cup. Unlike previous years, this competition had a number of... >> read more

Congratulations to Marc Almert Germany winner - 2016-08-02

Marc Almert has won the German semi-finals of the Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup and will therefore represent Germany in September at the international final in Cape Town. Almert (25) is a... >> read more

Macau Sommelier wins Asia round of Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup - 2016-07-20

Over 100 sommeliers from fourteen Asian countries entered the Asia round of this year’s Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup competition. We are delighted by the widespread interest and very... >> read more

Sommelier Cup - Sweden 2016 - 2016-07-12

On 09 May the Swedish round of the third Wines of South Africa (WOSA) Sommelier Cup competition was held at the Operaterassen in Stockholm. A member of the wine association Munskänkarna for over a... >> read more

UK Sommeliers put through their paces at the Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup Competition - 2016-06-27

The UK round of the Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup 2016 took place on 13th June at the prestigious private members’ club in London, 67 Pall Mall. Sommeliers from the UK’s leading restaurants... >> read more


Good things come in threes according to the old adage and excitement is building up ahead of the third triennial Wines of South Africa (WOSA) Sommelier Cup finale, scheduled for 23 September in... >> read more

UK Winner of the Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup announced - 2016-06-14

Erik Simonics, sommelier at The Savoy, has won the UK round of Wines of South Africa’s triennial Sommelier Cup competition. The UK competition was held yesterday at 67 Pall Mall, London; 29... >> read more

Interview with Marjin Smit - The Netherlands Finalist - 2016-05-23

WOSA: What is so great about being a sommelier? Marijn: Making people enthusiastic about wine through your own passion for it and the contacts with wine producers (very important). And being off... >> read more

10 Reasons sommeliers should enter the Wines of South African Sommelier Cup - 2016-05-05

Find out the top 10 reasons why a sommelier should enter the Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup 2016 competition from David Clarke, vice-chairman of the South African Sommeliers Association – May... >> read more

Interview with WOSA Sommelier Cup judge Joakim Blackadder - 2016-04-25

What are your favourite wines to drink when relaxing after work? Since I am a cost-conscious guy, it normally means choosing between the wines by the glass that will not survive for the next... >> read more

Insights from Higgo Jacobs, Chairman of the South African Sommeliers Association - 2016-04-22

What is your number one wine rule to live by? Wine is a beverage. Keep it simple. Especially when facilitating a role to the market. >> read more

Kenya hosts first ever Sommelier competition - 2016-04-19

14 contestants drawn from different hotels, restaurants and wine businesses participated in the first ever Sommelier Cup in Kenya on 12th April at Crowne Plaza Nairobi. >> read more


With South Africa singled out by tastemakers as one of the world's most exciting and innovative wine countries right now, the competition to make it into the Wines of South Africa (WOSA) Sommelier... >> read more


Will Predhomme of Canada has won the 2013 Wines of South Africa (WOSA) Sommelier Cup. He achieved the top score in a closely fought challenge involving 12 international contestants who were... >> read more


Wosa Sommelier Cup Germany
Wines of South Africa
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Germany Wines of South
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2016 Wines of South Africa
Sommelier Cup Semi Finals:
The Netherlands
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Learn more about South Africa's Wine Fraternity


E-books & Articles:

South Africa Wine Industry Background

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The winner from each countrywill join the final team in South Africa from Sunday 18 September 2016 to Friday 23 September 2016.

The finalists will start their winelands itinerary at 08:00 in the morning on the 18 September 2016 and with the final competition round concluding on the 23 September 2016. Candidates will be able to depart from the morning of the 24th September 2016. Leading up to the Friday’s final competition, the country finalists will explore the South African winelands, including gaining an overview of its winemaking regions, visiting famous winemakers, and tasting and experiencing wine and food.

The Final will be held on Friday, 23 September 2016 at the Taj Hotel in Cape Town. Here the finalists’ knowledge will be put to the test with a series of skills and written tests by a panel of esteemed judges.

Sommelier Cup 2016 Final Competition Day Programme

@Taj Hotel, Cape Town, 23rd September 2016

Competition commences with the eight semi-finalists

08:45 – 9:00

Registration and information session

09:00 – 10:00

Theoretical written exam 

10:00 – 10:15


10:15 – 12:30

Individual Practical Test 1 and Test 2 

Audience On-Stage round commences in The Reserve at the Taj Hotel, Cape Town

14:15 – 14:30

Welcome and announcement of top three finalists

14:30 – 17:00

Top three finalists commence with on-stage test with audience

17:15 – 17:30

Announcement of winner and awards ceremony

17:30 – 18:15

Canapes and drinks will be served 




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