2019: Winners of the Wines of South Africa Sommelier Cup 2019 Asia Semi-final announced

05 July 2019
Press Release
南非葡萄酒協會宣佈 2019 侍酒盃賽亞洲區準決賽得獎者
Wines of South Africa’s (WOSA) Sommelier Cup competition is a triennial event open to sommeliers around the world. The Asia semi-final 2019 was successfully held on 2nd July at The Park Lane Hotel Hong Kong and we are pleased to announce the three winners: Taku Iguro, sommelier at L’Osier in Tokyo, Japan representing North Asia; Derek Li, Group Sommelier at JIA Group, Hong Kong representing Greater China and Chek Wong, Air Sommelier at Singapore Airlines, Singapore representing South East Asia.
三年一度的南非葡萄酒協會 (Wines of South Africa, WOSA) 侍酒師杯比賽是一國際性活動, 亞洲區半決賽於 2019年7月2日 在香港柏寧酒店圓滿舉行,我們很高興地宣布三位得獎者:代表北亞洲的日本東京 L’Osier 侍酒師 Taku Iguro; 大中華代表的 香港 JIA 集團侍酒師 Derek Li,以及 東南亞區代表新加坡航空 空中侍酒師 Chek Wong。
Over 130 sommeliers from 11 Asian countries entered this year’s competition and the top ten candidates were selected by means of an online examination testing their South African wine knowledge. Ten leading sommeliers from eight Asian countries/regions traveled to Hong Kong to compete in Tuesday's event which consisted of a verbal blind tasting examination, followed by an on-stage role play and service examination in front of an audience. The judges were Darius Allyn MS, David Wong (Executive Director, Wynn Food & Beverage Academy, Macau), and Luc Bullen (General Manager, The Park Lane Hong Kong)
比賽吸引了超過130多名來自11個亞洲國家的侍酒師參加第一回合的在線考試,測試他們的南非葡萄酒知識;獲得最高分數,來自亞洲八個城市的十位一綫侍酒師於星期一齊集香港參加半準決賽,他們首先要完成口述盲品測試,然後在觀眾面前進行角色扮演及實踐考試。 評判團有侍酒師大師 Darius Allyn MS, Debra Meiburg MW,永利澳門 Food & Beverage Academy 執行董事 David Wong, 以及香港柏寧酒店總 經理 Luc Bollen 。
Taku, Derek and Chek will travel to South Africa later this year to represent Asia in the global final, held on Friday 21st  September (Saturday). They will join the winners from eight other key growth markets for South Africa: the UK, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, the USA, Zimbabwe and Kenya. During their trip to South Africa, candidates will enjoy a week of winery visits, tastings and dinners.
Taku, Derek 和 Chek 將會代表亞洲,與來自八個南非葡萄酒主要市場的頂級侍酒師,包括英國,德國,瑞典,荷蘭,加拿大,美國,肯雅及津巴布韋 ,於9月21日在南非開普敦參加WOSA侍酒師杯決賽。參加者在南非會有一星期時間參觀酒莊,品酒及享受南非佳餚美食。
Commenting on the activity, Marcus Ford, Asia market manager for Wines of South Africa, said: “We were delighted by the interest in this year’s competition and we were very impressed with the knowledge and ability of the participants. The Asia round was a tough competition to win and these three young men are well-deserved winners. We wish Taku, Derek and Chek all the best for the next stage.
對於今次比賽,南非葡萄酒協會亞洲市場經理 Marcus Ford 表示,「我們很高興今年有那麼多角逐者,特別欣賞準決賽者的葡萄酒知識和專業技能,是次亞洲回合競爭激烈,Taku, Derek 和 Chek 實至名歸成為這回合的得獎者;我祝福他們在下一階段一切順利。」  
“The on-trade is a focus area for Wines of South Africa and we see the sommelier community as vital to developing the reputation of our wines in Asia.  Through their experience of South Africa and its wines, we are confident they will guide more and more consumers to discover South Africa as one of the most exciting and innovative wine producing nations.” 
「餐飲業是南非葡萄酒協會的重點,侍酒師團隊是我們在亞洲建立南非葡萄酒信譽的關鍵。 通過他們對南非及其葡萄酒的認知及經驗, 我們有信心他們將帶引越來越多消費者探索南非;南非是被譽其中一個最活躍及最創新的葡萄酒生產國。」
Raymond Lacdang, Beverage Manager at Wooloomooloo Group, winner of Hong Kong Discover South Africa 2019 trade competition, and Tsuyoshi Hanashima, Sommelier at Kagaya, winner of Japan South African wine by the glass promotion 2018, will be attending WOSA Sommelier Cup final to cheer for these three Asian winners.
香港 2019 四月「探索南非」推廣活動得獎者 Wooloomooloo 集團餐飲經理 Raymond Lacdang, 及日本2018南非葡萄酒 Wine by the glass 得獎者 Kagaya 侍酒師Tsuyoshi Hanashima 將會出席 開普敦 WOSA 侍酒盃賽決賽, 為亞洲選手打氣。
The 10 semi-finalists that competed in the Asia round this year represent Hong Kong, China, Macau, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.
Contestants 參賽者: 
• Aki Sudo, Bistro Yoshimichi, Japan
• Arneis Wu, Joel Robuchon China , China
• Chek Wong, Singapore Airlines, Singapore
• Derek Li, JIA Group, Hong Kong
• Hyisu Han, SPC Group, South Korea
• Justin Ho, Private Room TTDI, Malaysia
• Maggie Mak, Wynn Palace, Macau
• Taku Iguro, L'Osier, Japan
• Terence Wong, Arbor Restaurant, Hong Kong
• Yuthapichai Polnakoo, U Sathorn Bangkok, Thailand
Judges 評判:
• Darius Allyn MS (Master of Wine)
• David Wong, Executive Director, Wynn Food & Beverage Academy, Macau 
• Luc Bollen, General Manager, The Park Lane Hong Kong
Blind tasting wines and Hong Kong importers 盲品酒單及香港進口商:
• Boekenhoutskloof Semillon 2016, Franschhoek, available from Watson’s Wine
• Mullineux & Leeu Estates Passant Dry Red 2016, Western Cape, available from Berry Bros & Rudd
Wines for role play and Hong Kong importers 角色扮演酒單及香港進口商:
Sparkling 起泡酒:
• Colmant Brut Chardonnay NV, Western Cape, available from Value Vigilantes
• Longridge MCC Brut Reserve 2009, Western Cape, available from Foodwise
White 白酒:
• Reyneke Reserve White 2017, Stellenbosch
• Radford Dale Chardonnay 2017, Stellenbosch, available from Continental Wines
• Alheit Cartology 2016, Western Cape, available from DKSH
• Stellenrust 53 Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc 2017, Bottelary, available from Kedington Wines
• Hamilton Russell Pinot Noir 2018, Hemel-en-Aarde Valley, available from Kerry Wines
• Bouchard Finlayson Hannibal 2015, Walker Bay, available from Montrose Fine Wines
• Bellingham The Bernard Series Bush Vine Pinotage 2016, Coastal Region, available from Northeast Wines & Spirits Ltd
• Hartenberg The Stork Shiraz 2014, Stellenbosch, available from Northeast Wines & Spirits Ltd
• Journey's  End The Cape Doctor Cabernet Sauvignon 2012, Stellenbosch, available from Links Concept Spier Creative Block 5 2015, Coastal Region, available fro Ponti Trading Ltd
• Vilafonté Seriously Old Dirt 2016, Paarl - Simonsberg, available from EMW (HK) Trading Co Ltd
Venue partner:
• The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel
Glasses and decanters sponsor 醒酒器及酒杯贊助商:
• Lucaris, Kung Kai Hong 公啟行 
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