sweden 2019 winner

>> Winner: Maja Hempel

Maja studied to be an International Sommelier at The Restaurant Academy in Stockholm from 2012-2013. She is currently working as Restaurant Manager/Sommelier at the famous Thörnströms Kök in Gothenburg. The restaurant was awarded "Best restaurant team" in Sweden 2016 and Maja herself has been a runner up for the title STELLA Waitress 2019. She also been nominated twice for the title Best Sommelier of the year by the trade magazine Livets Goda. The Wosa Sommelier Cup was her first competition and by winning the Swedish country round she will take her first steps into being recognised as an International known sommelier. Maja has a very ambitious personality and is now studying the WSET Diploma in London. 

Sweden 2019  entries

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Sweden Semi - final round

3 February 2019

SK Mat & Människor

Johannesbergsgatan 24

10:00 - 11:30
Entries open:
19 November 2018
Entries closing:
1 February 2019