Organic & Biodynamic

People often get confused by the terms organic, biodynamic and sustainable.

Sustainability refers to production that is environmentally responsible in a holistic sense. It is about farming for future generations.

Organic wine has been made from organically grown grapes and has met the standard for certification by one of many recognised organic certification agencies, and these can differ from country to country. All organic wine is produced without chemical pesticides or fertilisers. In some countries organic wine must be produced without the added use of sulphites. It is possible for organic farmers to not meet the requirements as set down by IPW if, for instance, they are not handling their waste water correctly or ploughing virgin land without permits.

Biodynamic wine is made and grown on the principles first established by Rudolf Steiner. Biodynamic farming looks at vines as part of an organic living whole.  This includes the influence of the moon and planets, and the entire interdependent ecosystem of wildlife, natural habitat, vineyards and people.