Wines of South Africa (WoSA) USA is based in New York City, but promotes awareness an appreciation of South African wine across the entire U.S.

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Wine Importers in the USA

Bringing South African wine to the U.S.A. requires passionate, dynamic partners who understood both the virtues and diversity of our wines as well as the complexities of the American market. Here you will find a list of the importers who are flying the South African flag in the U.S.A.

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Where to buy South African Wines in the USA

Want to open a bottle of South African Sunshine at home? Of course you do! We’ve made it easy with our list of retailers; click on your state and find out where you can get your favorite Chenin Blanc, Cabernet, Pinotage, and more. We’ve also indicated whether you can pick-up the wine at your local store, or have it delivered or shipped.

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The Wines of South Africa Podcast USA

Welcome to the Wines of South Africa podcast. Each episode we’ll explore a different aspect of the South African wine scene. We’ll talk with winemakers, winery owners, and other members of South Africa’s vibrant wine industry, and we’ll also get a sommelier’s take on the wines.

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