WOSA Insider Session: What does empowerment mean?, 10th May 2021

Visitor Information and Registration:

Website:  https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJckcOygqTsvH9BUxPgkyK2DKq-kDYkm_kRm
Contact: Claudia Pritchard 

Exhibitor Information:

Show Coordinator: Carissa Keur 
Phone: +27 21 8833860
Email: Carissa@wosa.co.za
Starts: 10 May 2021
Ends: 10 May 2021
Country: South Africa 

The South African wine industry is often described as the most exciting and dynamic wine region in the world but how is it to grow into the most progressive and diverse?  


Maintaining high standards of inclusion and integrity are critical to the future of South Africa and ethical credentials are increasingly vital to global success. Meaningful transformation through education, skills development and creating opportunity for people of all backgrounds is core to this vision. Today we discuss the impact of mentorship, internships, apprenticeships and supported learning to empower both individuals and communities.