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Drink Chenin Day:  18 June

Drink Chenin!
In honour of Drink Chenin Day, June 18th 2021, the Wine Thieves make a special trip to South Africa, a global leader in Chenin Blanc production with 55% of the world's plantings. It’s the #1 most planted grape of any colour in the Cape Winelands, accounting for 17.5% of national acreage. The grape has a complicated history but is likely to have been established in the Anjou region of France as far back as the 9th century when it was known as Chenère. It later became known as Chenin Blanc after Mont Chenin in the 15th century, just after it had been brought to the Touraine region of the Loire. In South Africa Chenin Blanc became known as "Steen" with its own contentious and befuddled backstory.

John and Sara welcome Ken Forrester, a founding member of the Chenin Blanc Association, from his winery Stellenbosch, Andrea Mullineux of Mullineux in Swartland and Sebastien Beaumont of Beaumont Wines in Bot River, Walker Bay, to their virtual round table. They delve into the history of Chenin Blanc from its days as a workhorse, brandy base to the world-beating  Lieberstein wine brand in the 1960s (the world's best selling wine for a stretch!) and its rise to quality prominence in the last 20 years becoming the industry’s driving and galvanizing force, and nº1 export. Find out how old bush vines, stainless steel and oak all play a role in stylistic differences, alongside terroir of course. As we'll find out, the age of vineyards plays a significant role in the character of Chenin, nowhere more apparent than in South Africa where almost 1/3 of the country's Chenin plantings are over 20 years old with over 700ha more than 40 years old. Join us with a memorable glass of Chenin to celebrate this captivating grape variety!

This episode was produced in partnership with the Wines of South Africa.

Virtual Event  - 4 February
Celebrate South African Wines -  Thursday, 4 February