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“The possibilities are endless,” says winemaker Ken Forrester, the godfather of Chenin Blanc in South Africa, explaining how the trend is moving towards using non-traditional cultivars for Méthode Cap Classique (MCC).
If there’s any variety that tests the versatility of the Cape’s undulating coastal belt, from Doring Bay up the west coast to Elim and beyond on the southern stretch, it’s Pinot Noir.
A Sparkling End To 2014,
December 2014
There’s nothing like going out with a bang … especially when that loud noise signals the ejection of a cork from a bottle, followed by a rush of bubbles. Sparkling wine and festive celebrations are synonymous, particularly at this time of year.
Andrew Jefford is recognised as of the most gifted wine writers in the world. He has an ability to weave and sculpt masterpieces with words, each one used very carefully and with specific intent. A very measured man, Jefford is not given to hyperbole.
December marks the 10th anniversary of the successful Pebbles Project. In this time, Pebbles has firmly established itself as a well-run and reputable NPO. The organisation’s aim is to change and enrich the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds, with an emphasis on special educational needs, in the Western Cape farming community.
The main motive for drawing up the Wine of Origin (WO) legislation in the early 1970s was to ease the way for South African wines to be exported to their main market, the UK, which was about to join the European Union. It was this body that demanded such regulations be in place before any member country could import our wines.
Platter’s South African Wine Guide, now in its 35th year, entered a new era last week with the launch of the 2015 edition under new publisher Jean-Pierre (JP) Rossouw and owner Diner’s Club, which has also acquired Rossouw’s Restaurant Guide.
Winding and wining along the West Coast
Blog - General - A journey through wine and time
Innovation brings positive results
Is Cabernet a fit king? - Wednesday, October 8th, 2014
Wine lifestyle,
October 2014
Wine lifestyle - Thursday, October 16th, 2014
Constantia is acknowledged as the cradle of winemaking in South Africa, which makes Groot Constantia Estate the grand daddy. The well-preserved property dates back to 1685 and is of significant cultural and historical importance. The story of the legendary sweet wines of Constantia, once known as Constantia Wyn (Afrikaans for wine), is interwoven with that of the valley. It was first owned by Governor Simon van der Stel, whose stately Cape Dutch manor house is a national treasure today.
The constancy of change,
September 2014
The constancy of change - Wednesday, September 10th, 2014
30 years of the Cape Winemakers Guild auctions
Cape heritage and Chenin Blanc
Unusual wine tastings in the Cape winelands
In South Africa we celebrate Women’s Day on 9 August each year in homage to the women of our nation who fought tirelessly against the tyranny of the Apartheid government.
The golden age of Cape wine - Tuesday, August 5th, 2014
More for less?,
August 2014
There used to be an advertising slogan about ‘After action satisfaction’; well the Nederburg Auction should lay claim to ‘Pre-auction temptation’!
Off the beaten track…
Off the rails in Bot River
July 2014
The room was heaving to the sound of heavy rock as excited guests entered with eager haste to find the best seats.
The six-billion rand question - Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
King for more than a day…
June 2014
Springfontein rocks
Marco Ventrella – the man behind the KWV vines
A hat-trick vintage
The wonderful world of wine estate cobwebs
Sijnn – the opening of a new cellar in a new area
Single Hit Parade 2
Klein Constantia Renaissance
Orange wines,
April 2014
Orange wines Wednesday, April 9th, 2014
Single Hit Parade 1,
April 2014
Single Hit Parade 1
Chenin Blanc Winter Celebration
Competition merry-go-round
20 years in the wine industry
Cape Zinfandel,
March 2014
Cape Zinfandel
Unique addition to no added sulphur wines
The French taste South Africa
Join the hour,
March 2014
Join the hour
Exclusivity and philanthropy
Celebrating Pinot,
February 2014
Celebrating Pinot
Harvest prospects for Elgin
Vintage prospects for 2014
February 2014
Humble beginnings,
January 2014
Lanzerac – a Stellenbosch landmark
Increasing the varietal spread
f you don’t like NASA superfood-endorsed broccoli – nor coffee, dark chocolate or grapefruit juice – you are not alone, but you might be a supertaster.* About 25% of the population are supertasters with a much higher density of taste buds yet much of wine assessment is via the nose where you also find supersniffers (although this not always to your benefit either). If you love food more than most you may be a superstaster. Around 25% are non-tasters and the rest are somewhere in between – let’s call it the muffin curve.