Vinpro Foundation - True Story

The Vinpro Foundation turns 5 this year, and we thought what better way to celebrate than with our age mates! So the idea of supporting the Diemerskraal creche and aftercare library was born.

On arrival, we were met with curious faces wondering what was inside all the brightly coloured boxes being arranged in the next room. The pure joy and excitement that beamed from each child's face when they realised that the event was specially put together for them is an experience and memory I will treasure for many a year to come.

A few words of welcome were spoken by the adults, and a brief explanation as to why we were there to celebrate our birthday with them was given.

After settling into their seats, a Vinpro staff member read them an inspirational story that rang true to each of us in the room.

For the main event, party packs were distributed whilst the candles were being placed in the cake, and before long Happy Birthday was ringing out in unison, and a group effort was being made to blow out the candles.

Eats and drinks were enjoyed by all, and a proper party vibe was in the air.

Little did we know that the children had a surprise of their own for us. They had prepared a song that left us with welled up eyes and full hearts.

All throughout the celebrations there remained a table filled with brightly wrapped gifts and curios faces as to why those gifts were there. A few of the children had already spotted their name on a box, and an inquisitive smile could be seen on their face.

When the personalised gifts were handed over to each child, the twinkle in their eyes, the disbelief of "this is for me" and their big smiles filled the room. And just as they thought the celebrations were coming to an end, we revealed the big box filled with books and puzzles for the new library.

Trying to put across the emotions experienced that day is a task for which I find there aren't words powerful and descriptive enough. I'm grateful and humbled to have been part of this experience, and would like to thank each and every person that contributed to their library and filled a gift box. Your generosity brightened a child's day, and their library will serve as both an educational and entertainment spot for many a child to come, with the stories in the books providing them with an escape for those days when life is grey.

If you would like to get involved, give back, or receive more information about any of our other programmes, please contact Vinpro Foundation via email at or via phone on +27 (0)21 276 0500.

- Julia Moore