Dear Producer,

We hope you are all well and that 2021 has started well for you despite current circumstances.

Wines of South Africa is planning a number of activities this year and to kick off 2021 we're bringing back our Spectacular South Africa campaign on the industry's birthday - 2nd February 2021. Please find below more details. 

Spectacular South Africa is back

In 2020, Wines of South Africa launched a campaign on social media and online to promote our wines.  The overall theme for the campaign was “Spectacular South Africa”. In these tough times when we’re unable to plan events and budgets are tight we believe that we can create a lot of exposure for our wines by working together across our key export markets but also with you, the producers in South Africa, and importers around the world.

We are kicking off the 2021 Spectacular South Africa campaign on 2nd February, the South African Wine industry's birthday, with a focus on tourism. Whilst travel to South Africa is on hold, it is important that we remind everyone how beautiful South Africa is and that it will be 'open for business' again in the (hopefully) not too distant future. We would like to inspire people to start planning their first holiday after lockdown to South Africa. 

As previously, this campaign will run in all the markets in which we operate and we are asking importers, retailers, trade and media// to all get involved on their social media platforms too. 

We would also like you, if you are able to, to create short videos (one to two minutes) showcasing Spectacular South Africa, your wines and tourism experiences. If you are able to send your videos to us, we will upload them on to the Wines of South Africa YouTube page and promote them via our social media platforms. Please send your videos to

In each market we will be encouraging importers, retailers, trade and media to come together and get involved in the campaign and support the South African category, on the 2nd February, by bringing our winelands to life, posting 'bucket list' activities, posting a photo or video of a favourite moment on a holiday or work trip to South Africa, hosting a tasting or opening a bottle of wine and sharing it on any of their social media channels.

With so much support for South Africa at the moment and understanding of the difficulties you are facing we hope you will be able to get involved. The aim is to give some support to the category and, of course, to boost sales and prompt new orders.

We have created a variety of logos for the campaign, which you can download from the WoSA website, here. You are most welcome to share these as well.

The hastags we will use across social media for this event are:

#SpectacularSouthAfrica – this is the main one

We look forward to working with you again in 2021.  

Kind Regards,

The WoSA Team