Sjênin meets Sjunèn seminar for #DrinkChenin Day

On Wednesday June 12th, Wines of South Africa in collaboration with Loire Valley wines, organized a seminar for professionals and media in Restaurant Zoldering in Amsterdam. The timing was in line with the upcoming international #DrinkChenin Day.

Lars Daniëls presented the seminar, highlighting the fact that this was not a competition between the two countries, but a celebration of the huge diversity in expressions of Chenin Blanc. Of course, comparison was inevitable, but the wines were often so different in style, terroir, winemaking and traditions that it was difficult to really compare them.  In total we showed 14 wines from France and South Africa, from different regions and styles, making for a very interesting line-up.

The tasting was attended by key media, importers, sommeliers and wine shops and  was fully booked with 45 attendees. Lars received many compliments for his detailed and knowledgeable presentation. His personal anecdotes of the winemakers he knows were very heart-warming and insightful – he clearly speaks from first hand experience given his extensive travels and network. There were good questions from the audience and the presentation was highly appreciated for its educational value.

We received many enthusiastic posts on social media and are looking forward to a fantastic #DrinkChenin day on Saturday June 15th!