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Access SAWIS' Harvest and Sales Estimate - August 2010 here
Tricky in the vineyard, great in the cellar. Provided by Sawis, in collaboration with VinPro Consultation Service, with additional research by Romi Boom and Angela Lloyd.
Access SAWIS' Harvest and Sales Estimate - April 2010 here
Access SAWIS' figures here
The third crop estimate made by producer cellars and viticulturists in the various regions during the second week of February, shows a decrease of more than 62 000 tons compared to the January estimate.
The 2010 wine grape crop should amount to 1 319 246 tons, according to the crop estimate by the industry (producer cellars and viticultural consultants) on 27 November 2009.
Die 2010-wyndruiwe-oes behoort 1 319 246 ton te beloop, volgens die bedryf (produsentekelders en wingerdkonsultante) se oesskatting van 27 November 2009.