Dear Producer,


The South African wine industry’s Exporters Task Team would like to provide clarity on details regarding the exemption provided by the South African Government to allow exports of wine as per the Government Gazette that was published on 7 April 2020.
It is our interpretation, as industry, that permission has been granted for finished wine product (in bulk and packaged format) that is currently in port or to be transported from cellars and warehouses to ports or airports for the purpose of export.
Read more in the COVID-19 Q&A: Wine exports here:
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We would like to re-emphasise the severity of the global Covid-19 pandemic and ask that every business and person in our industry strictly adhere to the regulations as set out by the South African Government and take extra precautions to ensure the safety of their employees during the 21 day lockdown.
To this end, please also familiarise yourself with the loading procedures in warehouses and the preventative measures, from both a packaged and bulk perspective, which is included in the Q&A.

Kind regards,

WoSA Team