Climate Change

Climate change is expected to directly impact on South Africa's mean annual temperature and rainfall ranges, influencing pest and disease distributions, flowering and fruiting seasons, and ground water resources. Climate change also impacts indirectly, through the growing awareness among consumers and the corresponding demand for carbon-efficient business processes. The agricultural sector is a large source of greenhouse gases (GHGs) through activities such as land-use change, agrochemical application and fossil fuel use.

The wine and fruit industries have collaborated to develop an information source on climate change and agriculture issues, a carbon calculator tool for South African fruit and wine producers, exporters and supply chain, and data capturing resource able to provide valuable benchmarking statistics and trends for the industry. Access the Confronting Climate Change (CCC) website hereBlue North has managed the project since 2011.

In 2021, the CCC initiative launched a new carbon footprint label recognising the ‘Carbon Heroes’ of the South African fruit and wine industry who meticulously calculate their carbon footprint.

In 2016, Vinpro started the Gen-Z Vineyard Project, a new technology transfer project. Core themes are adaptability to changing climatic conditions, efficient water-use in vineyards and soil health.

Funded by South Africa Wine, the TerraClim platform uses pioneering integrated data resources to provide access to detailed climate and terrain information that assists in navigating the increase in seasonal changes. 

Increased severity of drought is predicted to be one of the major impacts of climate change to the agricultural sector. The World Wide Fund for Nature South Africa (WWF-SA) works to promote the protection of water source areas in policy and long-term planning, as well as coordinating stewardship and collective action in key catchments. See

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