Sustainable wine South Africa

South Africa is leading the world in production integrity.

  • Since 1974, our Wine of Origin scheme guarantees the information on the label that states where the grapes came from, the vintage year and the variety or varieties. (
  • South Africa introduced guidelines on sustainability as early as 1998. Over 95% of the growers and cellars stick to the guidelines. (
  • These guidelines are constantly improved, and independent auditors audit the farms and cellars.  If the farms pass the audit, they can use the new sustainability seal.
  • South African producers are extremely conservation conscious. In just over a decade, they have set aside nearly 144 000 hectares as conservation land, and committed to restoring it back to its original pristine nature. (

From the 2010 vintage, South African wines have a new official seal.

What does it mean?
This seal means that the Wine and Spirit Board, appointed by the Department of Agriculture, certifies that

  • The vintage, variety and origin that are shown on the label are correct.
  • The wine has been produced sustainably, in an earth-friendly manner.
  • The wine can be traced all the way from the vine to the bottle.
  • It was bottled in South Africa – so it is 100% South African!

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